Our general FIRST TO THE FUTURE® home construction specifications and benefits * for recognized FIRST TO THE FUTURE® Builders and Developers

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General Features

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Plumbing Features

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Construction Features

Climate and Air Conditioning

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Smart Home Features

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(*) Please note that the specification guidelines are general prerequisites and that local code, regional location, and type of building like single family or multifamily housing may alter some of the items or items may not be applicable.

(**) Disclaimer: “Future Ready” means that we are anticipating what future building codes may be in 5 to 10 years. Actual future building codes may vary widely and the iShow Home Experience™ makes no representation or warranty that a FIRST TO THE FUTURE™ Home will meet future codes.

All features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


The iShow Home Experience™, with over 15+ years of building technology knowledge, has identified “the must have” built in benefits that a “future ready” home must have.

* A traditional home with today's building criteria may be outdated in the 5 year to 10. With a home purchase being the biggest investment most families make, it’s important to get it right. A home “built the First to the Future® Way” is an attempt to be future ready. (Future Ready Benefits Package)

* One of today's main building concerns is still moisture control: A FIRST TO THE FUTURE® Home is built with a complete water protection system that reduces the fear of future moisture problems, resulting in lower maintenance cost and healthier living.

* FIRST TO THE FUTURE® Homes are high performance homes, built with an engineered high efficient heating and cooling system, offering an optimized air flow comfort system. (Energy Wise Benefits Package)

* With homes so highly efficient and insulated air tight, FIRST TO THE FUTURE® Homes are healthy homes with a comprehensive list of indoor air quality measures. (Healthy Home Benefits Package)

* Building for the future means building a home that is technology ready. FIRST TO THE FUTURE® Home incorporate a set of advanced building technologies from inclusive design to smart building products.

(Home for All Benefits Package and Smart Living Benefits Package) 

* And all these building practices enable the homes to be renewable energy ready or solar ready. 

* Additionally, with the cost of water rising in the future, FIRST TO THE FUTURE® Home feature water savings with water saving appliances, faucets, toilets and advanced plumbing systems. (Water Wise Benefits Package)




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