Eaton, Residential Wiring Devices Division

FIRST TO THE FUTURE® Zero Energy Ready Home  - Product Partner

Residential Wiring Devices

Are you ready to sync, streamline and simplify your life?  With Eaton’s Wiring Devices home automation hub you can connect, create and control an eco-system of smart home devices including lighting controls, thermostats, security systems and more.  The Eaton Home app serves as a single touch point for homeowners and installers to control all of their smart home devices.  Additionally, homeowners can connect the home automation hub to Amazon Alexa to control their smart devices through simple voice commands.

In the First to Future Home, Eaton’s Z-Wave Wireless Collection of RF controlled dimmers, switches and receptacles are on display.  When paired with the home automation hub, these devices, allow for complete control and management of lighting scenes and energy consumption whether the homeowner is home or away.  Also installed in the home are USB charging receptacles which offer quick and convenient access to quickly charge your smart devices directly from a standard outlet without the need of bulky adapters or computers. 

Adding a finishing touch of elegance to enhance the interior décor, decorator styles of receptacles and screwless wallplates were used to complement and enhance the First to Future Home.  

With Eaton, we make what matters work for your lifestyle! 



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