FIRST TO THE FUTURE® Zero Energy Ready Home  - Product Partner

T2x Remote Control

The RTI automation and control systems consists of:

  • C2K1 Custom Control Kit including the Pro24.z Remote Control, RTiPanel App, and XP-3 Control Processor

  • T2x Remote Control

  • ZW9 Z-Wave Interface 

  • CX7 Countertop/Under Cabinet Touchpanel

  • AD4x Audio Distribution System

Control and automation for the FIRST TO THE FUTURE™ home is centered around RTI’s XP-3 control processor. In addition to a variety of control options the XP-3 offers an astronomical clock for time-based events and utilizes two-way drivers for seamless integration with the home’s entertainment and environmental systems. To integrate Z-Wave-enabled smart devices such as lighting, door locks, shades and more, the XP-3 is combined with RTI’s ZW9 Z-Wave interface. For audio distribution throughout the house, the company’s AD-4x audio distribution system provides audio amplification and distribution functions.


Complete control over all aspects of the home — whether it’s playing a movie, selecting a Spotify playlist, or adjusting the temperature — is simple and intuitive with a unified control experience. Whether it is a color touchscreen remote control, a countertop touchpanel or an app on a smart device or PC, RTI control and automation offers a wide range of custom, cost effective solutions.


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