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Founded in 1925, Rheem® innovates all-new ways to deliver just the right temperature while saving energy, water and supporting a more sustainable future. Today, Rheem is America’s #1 water heating brand, and its products are available in more than 50 countries. Paloma Co., Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan, acquired the iconic Rheem brand in 1988, and today the company’s portfolio of premium brands include Rheem®, Raypak®, Ruud®, Eemax®, Richmond®, Splendid®, Solahart® and EverHot™ as well as commercial refrigeration brands Russell®, Witt®, ColdZone® and Kramer®, which are part of the Heat Transfer Products Group (HTPG®) division. *All are Trademarks of Rheem Manufacturing Company. www.Rheem.com



Rheem® Prestige® Series 3 Ton, 20 SEER, EcoNet® Enabled, Inverter Driven, Variable Speed Heat Pump

This is one of the highest efficiency units in the industry, offering 20 SEER for cooling and 11 HSPF for heating. Because it’s EcoNet® enabled, it can be controlled from anywhere in the world for maximum energy savings and ideal comfort.* From a design perspective, this unit features modern cabinet aesthetics with visually appealing design for excellent curb appeal—you won’t feel the need to hide it like some outdoor units. Inside, it features a high-efficiency Scroll compressor with modulating technology, which provides more precise temperature control, lower humidity and greater efficiency. And its improved tubing design reduces vibration and stress, making unit quieter and reducing opportunity for leaks. Also helping to reduce vibration are enhanced mufflers, which dissipate vibration energy, further quieting unit operation. 


The RP20 Heat Pump isn’t just great for the homeowner, it also has a number of features for the installers and repair people as well, such as auto configuration with the EcoNet Smart Thermostat (which also puts it into a special refrigerant charging mode, making setup a breeze). Plus, it was designed to require fewer screws for faster access while servicing. And once inside, you will find improved service access.  https://www.rheem.com/product/rp20-econet-variable-speed-rp2036ajvca/


*WiFi broadband Internet connection and EcoNet App required; Notifications are dependent on external factors beyond Rheem’s control.




Rheem® 5 Ton, Modulating, EcoNet® Enabled Air Handler, ECM Motor, EEV Valve, 21" Wide, 208/240V, 1Ph, 60Hz    

Designed with maximum energy efficiency and quiet operation, the Rheem® EcoNet® Enabled High Efficiency Modulating RHMV Air Handler gives you a higher level of comfort, while keeping your utility bills low. Now that feels comfy.


The modulating operation allows it to achieve incredible efficiency, precise comfort and it is amazingly quiet! It features a factory-installed indoor coil and is versatile enough to be used in upflow, downflow, horizontal left and horizontal right applications. The RHMV has 1-inch foam insulation for efficiency as well as to keep noise to a minimum. We have installed our 10kW Heater Kit (208-230V) for secondary heating for those occasional brutal cold snaps.  This unit will help manage humidity levels in the home, improving your air quality; helping you stay healthy and save money on energy bills.


The heart of an air handler is the blower motor. That is why Rheem RHMV Air Handlers feature a high-efficiency, constant CFM, variable-speed motor with modulating airflow. When the unit is matched with a two-stage or variable-speed air conditioner or heat pump, it is able to run at a lower speed the majority of the time. This provides even temperatures so there is no need to adjust continuously your thermostat, reducing your energy usage.


Connected EcoNet® monitoring system and app offers you important alerts and reminders to keep your system working at its best. Plus, it is easy to adjust your comfort settings from home or away*.



*WiFi broadband Internet connection and EcoNet App required; Notifications are dependent on external factors beyond Rheem’s control.



Rheem® EcoNet® Smart Thermostat

The multiple award-winning Rheem® EcoNet® Smart Thermostat brings modern convenience and beauty to any décor, and its positive effect on your energy bills is just one of the perks. This easy-to-use WiFi-enabled thermostat works with all of your smart Rheem equipment to maximize their efficiency and guarantee your comfort. In fact, it is the only thermostat intelligent enough to monitor and control your home’s Rheem heating, cooling and water heating equipment*. The included mobile app provides added protection and control at home or on-the-go**, because you can monitor your Rheem equipment directly from your smart phone. And speaking of on the go, the EcoNet Smart Thermostat offers one-tap Away, which sets both air and water systems into energy-saving modes. Plus, it works with Amazon Alexa*** and Google Home so ideal comfort is just a voice command away.


The EcoNet Smart Thermostat is ideal for homeowners, and it is great for contractors too. It installs as easily as any other thermostat, but it auto-detects Rheem heating and cooling equipment, even putting the RP20 heat pump into a special refrigerant charge mode, making installation easier.  And with the EcoNet app, homeowners can one-tap request a service call if there is ever a maintenance alert.



*The EcoNet Smart Thermostat works with water heating equipment only if a compatible heating & cooling unit is installed in the system. **WiFi broadband Internet connection and EcoNet App required; Notifications are dependent on external factors beyond Rheem’s control. ***When used with Amazon Echo or Dot.



Rheem® Mini Split Single Zone Indoor Wall Mount Air Handler & Outdoor Unit

Mini-split, or “Ductless” heating and air conditioning systems, offer efficient home comfort without the need for duct work. With both single- and multi-zone models available, there are configurations for heating and cooling anything from a small workshop to a whole home. Because each indoor unit features its own thermostat, Rheem® Mini Split Heat Pump Systems offer precise comfort for any room, any season, using heat-pump technology to save money. Ductless systems are great for garages, sheds, converted attics, or any spaces in the home that aren’t on the ducted system. Even perfect for a room that simply doesn’t get its share of the heat, a ductless system offers precise comfort just where you need it without trying to over-heat or cool the whole house.  Adding a Mini Split solution has shown up to 25% energy savings to a typical installation.






Rheem® Professional Prestige® 80 Gallon Electric EcoNet® Enabled Hybrid Electric Water Heater with 10 Year Limited Warranty

This is the most efficient water heater available – with a 3.70 UEF, delivering up to $4,750 in lifetime energy cost savings. It is three times the savings over a standard electric water heater. In fact, the Rheem Hybrid is so efficient; it pays for itself in less than three years.


It uses heat pump technology to draw energy from the air to heat the water, with electric back-up for when the outside temps aren’t high enough or in high-demand situations. The Hybrid delivers hot water faster than most standard electric water heaters – 89 gallons first hour delivery for the 80-gallon model. The ambient operating range of 37-145° F is widest in class, offering more days of HP operation annually; designed to meet Northern Climate Spec (Tier 3). It features an LCD Screen with built-in water sensor alert with audible alarm. You can easily set it to Away mode to save energy while on vacation from 2-28 days (or placed on hold indefinitely).


The Rheem Hybrid is more than just efficient. It is smart, too. Its EcoNet enabled, allowing you to control and monitor it from anywhere in the world. Not only can you change temperatures, but also with the EcoNet App, it will send alerts, like water leak detection, or maintenance reminders to your phone.* And you can use EcoNet to change among the five operation modes: Off, Energy Saver, Heat Pump, High Demand, Electric.


It also offers features for the plumber, making for easy installation – easy access side connections, touch screen controls and app, quick access to electrical junction box, and easily replaces a standard electric water heater.



*WiFi broadband Internet connection and EcoNet App required; Notifications are dependent on external factors beyond Rheem’s control.



Rheem® RETX-06 Water Heater Booster

The new Rheem® Water Heater Booster helps amp up the performance of traditional gas or electric tank water heaters by up to 45%. Need to squeeze in another shower or two in the morning? Or give your tank water heater more horsepower for holiday guests? Give your current water heater a boost with our new Booster. As the tank hot water supply is depleted, the booster kicks in and brings that water up to the preferred set point. This is effectively a tankless water heater installed on top of a tank water heater to extend the effective capacity of the tank-type water heater by up to 45%.


Saves Energy

Vacation Mode and Eco Mode features allow switching off power to the tank when it is not needed, saving energy on water heating.  Requires only a one-pro install, takes as little as 45 minutes, and Vacation Mode helps save money on energy bills. Installed on an existing tank or mounted nearby on the wall, it gives an 80-gal. tank the capacity of an 110-gal. tank, without taking up more space.




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