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Aquia VI WASHLET+ Dual Flush Toilet

TOTO USA is headquarters for the Americas Division of the TOTO Global Group. TOTO is the world’s largest plumbing manufacturer. For over 100 years, TOTO has been the recognized leader in innovation, technology, performance, design and sustainability with products that enhance the luxury bathroom experience.


TOTO’s Aquia VI WASHLET+ S550e

TOTO’s Aquia IV WASHLET+ Toilet offers the elegant design harmony of its Aquia IV one-piece dual flush toilet and WASHLET S550e personal cleansing system, which provides warm, aerated water to cleanse, warm air dryer, and heated seat; auto open/close and auto flush; in-bowl catalytic deodorizer; EWATER+; and energy- and water-saving features.


DynaMax Tornado Flush Technology

The Aquia IV HET features TOTO’s new DynaMax Tornado Flushing Technology with its rimless bowl design, which does not sacrifice an ounce of performance to achieve exceptional water savings. This stylish one-piece HET enables homeowners and designers to select the level of water used -- 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) for solid waste or 0.8 gpf, for liquid. TOTO’s seeks always is to optimize water conservation, while setting a high bar in quiet world-class flushing performance.


Cleansing Technologies

To keep the Aquia IV’s bowl beautifully fresh and clean at all times, TOTO offers three major cleansing technologies. First, its DynaMax Tornado Flush Technology efficiently cleans the entire bowl and rim with 360-degrees of cyclonic rinsing action. Second, The bowl’s CEFIONTECT glazed surface is smooth down to the nano level of a millionth of a millimeter, preventing particulate matter from adhering to the bowl’s surfaces. Less cleaning means fewer chemicals in the environment and less water used for cleaning. Third, after each flush, the WASHLET S550e mists the bowl with EWATER+, which has a slightly acidic pH value, to clean the bowl. EWATER+ is environmentally friendly and can be returned to the water cycle without worry.



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